The Border Collie is an athletically built dog. The breed is tough, hardworking and docile.
The character should be lively, attentive, responsive and intelligent, but never nervous or aggressive. The height at the withers for males is approximately 53 cm. The bitches are often slightly smaller. The fur of the Border Collie is short or moderately long. Collar and trousers hair may be a little longer with the Border Collie long hair, but the hair on the head and legs is short. In principle, the position of the ears is half raised (tip ears) or standing (puncture ears).
The tail is moderately long and reaches the heel of the hind leg. It is worn low with the tail tip slightly bending upwards. The tail may be lifted in action, but never in a curl over the back.
The Border Collie comes in many color variations, but the white should never prevail. The best known colors are; black / white, tricolor, brown / white and blue merle and red merle. The color of the eyes is dark or medium brown, but lighter, sometimes slightly yellow eyes are not uncommon. One or both eyes can also be completely or partially blue.