he Border Collie breed is unfortunately not free of defects. HD (hip dysplasia), PRA (progressive retina atrophy), CEA (collie eye anomaly) and Cataract (eye diseases) and increasingly OCD (Osteo Chondrosis Dissecans, cartilage release in the shoulder), Epilepsy and Deafness.
If you buy a puppy through the breed club, you can be sure that the parent dogs have been examined and found to be free of HD and PRA / CEA. Research is still being conducted into the other diseases. If you are going to look at a litter of puppies, it is important that you ask for the official research results of the Raad van Beheer on Kynologisch Area in Amsterdam. You should not settle for an oral promise that “it is all right”.
Our dogs are tested by DNA on CL / TNS / MDR1. In addition, they receive an annual EVCO eye test (European eye test which among other things looks at the most common eye diseases in dogs) which is checked by the Board of Directors. Our dogs also get an HD test around their first year in which the hips are examined. The results of all these examinations of each dog can be requested from us and if possible also stated with the dog. A breeder will proudly propagate for his / her good dogs and will be happy to share this with you.uitdragen voor zijn/haar goede honden en zal dit ook graag met u delen.