Locheil Blue Myst “Loki”

She is from January 2012, and joined our family in May 2012. She is a Border Collie with a beautiful build. She has the Merle gene. She comes from very good lines and has been entrusted to me by Heather Turner from Locheil. Her pedigree contains names such as Tonkory Queen Bee and Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil. Loki has been fully tested according to breed requirements of the Raad van Beheer. The HD-A and eye test are completely free.
Loki is a spontaneous flute whistle with a very sweet, soft character. She is a dog that likes to get pats at her time but she also has her own will. Loki is great with the children and loves a doll. She has a very good attitude towards the family. Loki lets the children play with her and is careful towards them. Furthermore she likes to jump on the children’s shadows. She especially likes to take things from Talia, but this often does not allow Talia. She also finds it fantastic to play with her puppies (now already large borders) and play around. As a mother for her puppies, she takes very good care of her puppies. When we walk in the woods, Loki is often a pioneer of the couple to take the rest on an adventure through the woods.
She does a little agility if the schedule of mine allows it with my young family. She also goes to Ring Training and runs shows in the Netherlands. She may also go to the sheep now and then and you will see that my Loki has more “eye” than Talia who comes from working lines.
With its 50 shades of gray, it stands out enormously in a black and white sea. This is also the case in the show world. That is why it is a greater achievement to win prizes with a blue merle. This lady succeeds and already has a few CACs and also a CACIB to her name.
You can always request information about the Loki family trees.
Loki (2)loki