Talia joined us in 2005. She is our first border collie and I wanted a dog that was registered in the working line pedigree. And from that came our Talia.
With Talia I spent the first few years driving on sheep. She has done this with pleasure, but is actually too soft and sweet at heart. Then I sat with her on Flyball and unfortunately a ball got too hard on her eye. This makes her blind to one eye. Now Talia is now 11 years old and still likes to play after a ball, but otherwise she is my buddy and companion. She has given me the passion to want to know more about this beautiful breed and because of her my passion and knowledge has only broadened.
Talia is very soft-hearted and has a huge “will to please”. She will gladly do something for you. Get mail, look for socks, open doors, ect ect. She is a good domestic dog, loves her family and likes to lie on your lap and in your neighborhood for a nice hug. A word is enough for Talia to know what you want from her and repeating a second time is not necessary. In short, an ideal family dog ​​and life buddy! She honors her breed by her beautiful character.Terschelling 276talia